Moss Vale Musings

So here I find myself, back in the homely Southern Highlands for a few weeks of rest-bite prior to my return to the UK. Following such a turbulent eight months living and working full-time in Sydney, an escape to the countryside was much needed.

Edit 6Moving back to Moss Vale where I did my farm work, it felt like I was already home. I was lucky enough to spend the first week in the comfort of my boyfriend’s family home where I was spoilt with home cooked dinners and nights in front of the fire watching films. Whilst I find it hard to not do much and take the time off, it has been absolute bliss indulging in quality me time.

Edit 1The southern area exudes countryside chic reflected in the beautiful interiors of the houses. Much like their fashion, Australians stick to simple decor taking the ‘less is more’ approach. The result – a peaceful, fuss-free environment which is easy to relax in.

Edit 5Wondering around the boutiques of Mossy, I can’t help but get inspired by the classic simplicity achieved with a few key pieces to bring aesthetics together. Stripping back the need for lots of things makes for a more calming environment.

Edit 10I still can’t believe my luck to have found myself in such an idealic area which reflects the quintessential countryside town of my own home county Hampshire back in England. However whilst I cosy up in front of the warmth of fires snuggled in blankets here, the English will be soaking up the summer sun on the other side of the world…and I’ll be joining them soon!

Edit 2.jpg

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