Week of Dinners: Waste Friendly

Whether money is an issue or not, we’re living in an environmentally conscious century where waste is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. I’ve always been savvy when it comes to cooking and I enjoy the challenge of rustling up a good dinner using a bunch of ingredients from whatever I have in stock. I find that in Australia where groceries and particularly fresh fruit and veg are rather pricey, there is even more need to make the most of what you buy. Over the past week I have made some fantastic dishes by simply using what I had going in the fridge alongside some store cupboard basics. Not only were these delicious and nutritious meals, but I saved on my grocery shop and can proudly say there was no waste at the end of the week!

Edit 3.jpgWith plenty of fresh veggies at the start of the week, I made this Moroccan inspired couscous salad bowl served on a bed of salad with some pumpkin I had left from a previous recipe, roasted veg seasoned in paprika, a generous dollop of tatziki and fresh mint leaves for garnish.

Edit 13I always crave a good bowl of pasta for my midweek dinner, so I made this simple penne pasta using pesto I had in the cupboard, leftover green beans and sautéed courgette with jarred sundried tomatoes and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

Edit 9My favourite way to have rice is to make it super sticky by leaving it to cook a little longer, making it more like a risotto. I used some leftover white wine and plenty of garlic to flavour this rice dish which I then paired with roasted veggies, salad, jarred beetroot and some natural yogurt.

Edit 7To finish the week and use up any fresh ingredients I still had, again I roasted all of the veggies, fried off some chorizo slices and mixed it all in with the couscous, before serving with the last of my salad, mint leaves and the rest of the tatziki dip.

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